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Cantus Firmus at the Movies Ep. 7 – Crimes and Misdemeanors (w/ Bridget Nelson)

My special guest was Bridget Nelson of Mystery Science Theater 3000 and Rifftrax fame. The film we discussed was Woody Allen’s 1989 Crimes and Misdemeanors, a film that asks difficult questions about morality and integrity in a godless universe.

Bridget can be found at, on Twitter at @bridgetjnelson, and her podcast Instead of Tweeting can be found on iTunes.


“Octagon Pt 2” by Polyrhythmics. Licensed under CC BY 3.0

Some Arguing for “a Man’s Right to Bruise”

Cody Cook
Black Box Press

Cincinnati, OH– A legal battle to defend “wife correction” (or as its detractors call it, “wife beating”) has reached the United States Supreme Court, and surprisingly it has found a lot of support.

Stephen Gates, a proponent for wife correction, had this to say: “if wife correction is illegal, then men who correct their wives will be made into lawbreakers. We should tear down any laws limiting this practice. I think that we should trust men to know when they can make the decision to inflict pain on their wives, and believe that they will know when it will be for the good of themselves and their chattel– er, spouse.”

Gates proposal not only extends to repealing all “wife correction” laws, but also for the allowance of new facilities where husbands can “safely” correct their wives with the help of experts.

“We should not only make wife correction totally legal, but also provide safe facilities for husbands to do so. Husbands who physically correct their wives at home could be hit with a frying pan or stabbed with a steak knife if their wives don’t accept the correction. This is very dangerous. We need to provide a safe environment for husbands who take on the very difficult decision to beat their spouse,” Gates said.

Those who are against “wife correction” have argued that “safe wife beating” is a ridiculous concept because violating a woman’s physical well-being can never be “safe,” and that we shouldn’t make it easier for men to abuse their wives.

“Just because a man gets hurt trying to inflict pain on his wife, that shouldn’t move us to offer him protection and allow him to keep doing this grave injustice to women,” said Sen. Susan Ruth (D-NY) Monday during a congressional hearing on this issue.

I asked Graves what he thought about Ruth’s statement that, “as fellow human beings, women have the right to be protected from physical harm.”

Gates gave the typical pro-correction response: “Well that’s because she’s a woman, isn’t it? Why should I let women tell me what I can do with my property? Susan wants to make this all about a woman’s right to protection from harm, but let’s not forget that a woman belongs to her husband and that it’s arrogant for her, some senator in Washington, to tell men what they can and can’t do with what belongs to them.”

I attempted to interview Sen. Susan Ruth to get more of her side of this debate, but she was unavailable due to a scheduling conflict– she was speaking at a Planned Parenthood fundraiser.