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My name is Cody Cook. I’m a theology student and young fogey living in Cincinnati who loves talking about religion, philosophy, history, and theology. It is my goal to make a thoughtful, rational, and consistent case for the Christian faith, and to reflect on how to live that faith out. As such, Cantus Firmus provides digital books, podcasts, and blog posts that promote Christ as the central melody which gives all other melodies their definition.

My blog title, Cantus Firmus, comes from this quote from a letter of Dietrich Bonhoeffer while he was in prison:
“What I mean is that God wants us to love him eternally with our whole hearts – not in such a way as to injure or weaken our earthly love, but to provide a kind of cantus firmus to which the other melodies of life provide the counterpoint… Where the cantus firmus is clear and plain, the counterpoint can be developed to its limits. The two are ‘undivided and yet distinct’, in the words of the Chalcedonian Definition, like Christ in his divine and human natures.”

On a more personal note, I’m a husband and father who’s interested in the open source/Linux movement, classic cinema, wheel throwing, and old school funk and R&B. I’m also a big fan of vegetarian, Thai, Indian, Mediterranean, and Korean food.

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